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impact of modern entertainment on society

Introduction  Life does not mean to idle away time. Again it does not mean to continue work only. Life is superb blending of works and entertainment. Entertainment...

Legendary Comic Book Characters From India

Whenever we see comic books, we are overwhelmed by nostalgia and it stirs up our happy childhood memories and imaginations. While reading comic books we are momentarily...

Best Anime Cartoons

Anime cartoons use to have interesting story line with great characters. And if you don’t know let me tell you there is big fan following for these kind of cartoons in all over...


Roadies is one the most popular youth based Television reality show broadcast on MTV India. In 1995 there is a show Road Rules and Roadies is the Indian version of that show. The...

Nach Baliye: Dance reality show

Though there are so many reality shows broadcast on a television some reality shows are related from singing, dancing or any other concepts. In Indian television there is a...

In 2012 we had the good fortune of seeing some Hindi movies which were away from the usual Masala fare that is served to the viewers. These 'hatke' type movies succeeded at the...

Life style, entertainment and technology

What is life style Human life is unique. Unlike animal, man does not live on food only. His life consists of diverse activities that include work, entertainment and other family...

The name is Bond- James Bond

Bond is 50 now Almost fifty years before in the month of year1962, a unique character took birth with the words ‘Bond, my name is James Bond’! Yes, when Shaun Connery delivered...

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  Gundappa Viswanath ,the celebrated cricketer of the yester years ,belong to rare breed of geniuses who captivated millions of cricket lover all across
We see so many people around us. Some of them are happy while some others have some difficulties and they are sad. Compassion means to think about those
Lohit Seth
  Shell Control Structures The scripts we have written so far execute their instructions in the same order in which they appear in the program. In other
Jaghadeesh Ravi
The social networking sites are getting popular nowadays and many people join these sites to make friends. They are the hottest places to meet friends
If we are trying to get in touch with a person to speak to him, then mobile is the first choice for many of us.  Many of us in our eagerness to speak