life is a thick book whose cover is made bright and colourful. and few pages too but as you go deeper the more you read it. The more complicated it becomes, still you want to read more, having started it, You need patience and...


Under her wings, for  fourteen years  I felt an inexplicable comfort. She moulded me into what i am today ! The thought of departing arouses in me a quaint feeling , which makes me appear out of place The thought of all days with...

A wreath on my dreams

My dreams are dead like a silent street Silence of dream;daunting my heart On those days i thought my dreams .Will bloom like a bouquet of flowers.   But now i am rowing in the vast ocean of my lifeless,worthless dead dreams. Now i realize...


Cast  your burden on the Lord, And He will sustain you. Worry not what awaits you, But rely on the Maker, Who knows your frame.   Learn from the trees; They face many stroms, Remain yet eternal,bold and strong. The roots penetrate deep To...

Old Songs

How heart-warming it is to hear songs of 90s era.. which many of us grew up hearing.. songs like-- Chori chori jab nazre milee..from kareeb Rhim jhim rhim jhim..1942-a love story All the Dil se�s classics.. Rukmani or dil hai chhota sa from roja.....

The Definitions

The last nineteen years, My nights were disturbed By a peaceful,but terrific dream! A small child- With black face and red lips, Filled eyes and torn clothes- Smiles at me And after shedding the, Feather- like hair, Walks into...

Old wine in a new bottle: The Story of Remixes

This seems to be ubiquitous buzzword in our music industry today. With music companies releasing scores of remixed albums, the songs from past have again made way to our TV screens but in a new ‘avtaar’. The melodious tones have been replaced by...


why should i live..........why should i live in this lost world?king of darknessis roaring here!how should i livein this terrible world!am not a misanthropebut for my existancei to be like that.a dark mask on my facei also dont knowi am smiling or...

List of Top Music website to enjoy music

List of Music website

All about punk

Punk fashion is using a medium to make a statement. It includes clothing, hairstyles, cosmetics, jewelry, tattoos and other body modifications. As punk fashion has been influenced by various subcultures and art movements like glam rock, rude boys...

know about hip hop

Hip hop, which is originally a part of hip-hop culture led off by the African Americans of New York city in the 1960s, is very much a part of Indian music today. It identified worldwide attention since the late 1980s. Hip hop can be easily...

Revisiting "Mile Sur Mera Tumhara"

Revisiting "Mile Sur mera tumhara" Everytime Doordarshan played this song,my eyes would lit up and I would recite the song alongside.First I was fascinated by the video,then it was the Celebreities,then the music and lastly it was the...

aadhavan tamil songs

  up comming movie aadhavan songs are released. surya act with nayandara in this movie. lovely songs are come from harris jayaraj.songs are written by pa vijay. all songs are good.  

concerts : a persoanl business

Having a concert organized is more of a thought twice rehearsed before implementing especially when it comes to having widely recognized music bands and singers invited for performing at stages across the globe. Organizing an awe inspiring concert...

My examination

Oh !  my dear  examination, I  have made  no preparation I am   terribly  afraid of u, Kindly  tell me what  to do You are  early and  I am  late, Daily  I’m  losing  weight. Oh !  go away ! go away, Let  me learn   my lesson anyway. You...

believe in yourself

If   you  think  you are  beaten; If you   think  you  dare  not If you’d  like  to win,but  think Its   almost  a inch  you wont For  out in the world  we find ……….. But   sooner or later Is  the  one  who  thinks   he can! If  you   think...

A Girl's Future

She is the girl in a dark world Which provides fears Though she has sight She can't view her future Her destiny is veiled. Tears fall from her eyes Like the sky pours rain The mist makes her cold and anxious About her unpredictable...

MUSIC: the food for soul

Music is something very universal that needs no language to commmunicate, music in itself is a divine language that travels from the beats of heart upto the universe. The music is in the flowing water, chirping of the birds, voilin of the artist as...


Music is an art form in which the medium is sound organized in time. Common elements of music are pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics, and the sonic qualities of...

Micheal Jackson

Micheal Jackson,the biggest pop star,died on thursday due to cardiac attrest,at the age of 50. He was supposed to do around 50 shows worldwide and the tickets were sold out. There were many fans of Micheal Jackson, who came outside the hospital...

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Computers were designed to make our lives faster.  Modern day computers have so many facilities that many of us would not have been dreamt of fifteen
Keyboard usage to the maximum can simply speed up the time we use to do things.Shortcut World has done a terrific job of selecting the programs for all
puli venkateswararao
i strongly believe that sonia gandhi must become the CM of the state. She hails from a family that has been into politics even before india gained independence
Amit Mitra
Personal Life John Abraham was born on 17th December 1972 in Mumbai. His family consists of his Malayali father, a Parsi mother and a younger brother
Indian show in Davos World Economic Forum Will India be the next engine for development that again is not a mere slogan but the topic of world economic