Articles about Successful ageing, Biological, Non-biological or Genetical affects of ageing, Death, Life expectancy, Retirement, Longevity, health issues arise with ageing etc.

Collagen treatment for anti-aging

Time waits for no man. As it passes by it gives wrinkles on everyone’s face as signals. For many people it shows its colours earlier while some others may remain young even at their fifties and it depends on some genetic traits too. Yet, age begins...

It is hard to read any article on health , diet or nutrition these days without seeing the word 'antioxidants' peppered throughout the writing. Antioxidants and products that are supposed to be made up of the nutrient are also found liberally in...

Women more prone to fatigue

When we see some ladies in the middle ages of 30's and 40's, it seems they are just damaged machines moving around. Their tiredness is well shown in their way of walk, talk and even smile. Not only their energy goes decreasing every day but their...

Ageing : What you need to know

“Ageing” the very word sparks an image of an old frail body with sagging skin, stooped structure and a feeble walk; but what we do not know is the fact that ageing begins as young as 20 years! So here is the list of the body parts that age when we...

Healthy heart   Heart is the most crucial and delicate part of our body that needs special care and protection from the problems especially in present age when due to present day lifestyle your heart is at a greater risk than more than...

Be Aware of Your Prostate!

If you are a man over 50, this article is a must read for you as you probably have a prostate problem that you are not aware of - its no more than a usually benign enlargement of the gland but it needs to be taken care of. Timely intervention by...

Arthritis reasons and cure

Osteoarthritis The present day life style is one of the reasons for people suffering from certain problems unknown for the earlier generations. A person who works sitting for whole of his carrier finds himself unable to move due to diseases like...

Be ever young

Thinking and feelings matter  There is a saying: A man is as old as he feels and a woman as old as she looks. whosoever said so had gender bias. Woman has always been perceived by men as an object and so her beauty and looks are considered...

Can Hormones Prevent Aging ? ‘Feel 20 years younger' , 'Add decades to your life ', Boost muscle power and increase your energy levels - these are some of the claims made by the so called anti - aging supplements on their labels and in media and...

 Women suffer from heart disease more than men do  Most women who suffer from heart related problems at an early age have some common factors although there may be some exceptions. There are no known reasons why men or women especially,...

Anemia is a common disease

Anemia is one of the problems   Ageing is a process that begins as soon as a person is born and goes until the life goes on. The process begins to pick up speed at the age of 25 onward when the cells of the different body parts begin to die...

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The study on stock markets and price movements first published by Charles H. Dow on July 3, 1884 is the most popular and the most quoted of stock market
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Earthquake Earthquake is most dangerous to the human and heavy property loss. This effect is only with in few minutes. Staggering facts Facts about
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Introduction Civil Services Exam is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission).  It is known as the "Mother of all Exams". There will be three
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The working trend has changed, Its no more the Man of the house. Its about the Home team. The Wife and Husband joint venture. Or the Mother and Father
Konik:OriginCountry:PolandBlood Temperature:WarmHeight:Upto 13 handsColour:Greyish dun with dark dorsal stripeEnvironment:Cool lowlandsUses:Hacking,light