Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.... Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. Depression is also kind...

We must maintain our composure

Mishapppenings We all face failures and mishappenings in our life and all these are part of human life which we cannot avoid even if we try our best. It only means that some things have wrongly happened which were not desired but human minds are...

Anxiety: a hidden culprit in behavior issues

Introduction: For over two years, 20-year old management student fights for survival from terminal depression. He has panic reaction occurred through sense of undefined feelings without any recognizable background. Through the night, he hardly...

Jealous- A Powerful Emotion

Jealous is nothing but a dominant emotion that keeps thrashing our head internally. It is a state of being envy- natured mind of someone. There can be many ways through which it can penetrate into us. It can arise due to someone else's high...

Woman - Intoxication and her behavior

Women and intoxication The scenario in India as far women addiction is concerned is changing very fast. Consumption of intoxicating stuff is no more considered a man oriented affair with increasing number of women in the list. There is no denying...

Summer and behavior related manias Summers bring kind of changes in our body chemicals, which affect our working capacity to great extent. These chemicals are also responsible for our behavior changes that show in form of excessive or boasting...

Check your mental status - Be happy

Take care of mental status Behaving properly and in a balanced way are signs of being a normal human person. Some people do laugh on topics, which are not very funny or people become angry easily while they could have taken those matters in their...

Ways to love your body image

All of us care about how we look to an extent, If there is some remotely shiny object lying close to you, you make a quick check. Scan through your eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, cheeks, odd spots or makeup errors. We're women, it's what we do. We are...

Fight Depression Before It Is Too Late

What is depression? Most human beings go through a swing in moods on a day to day basis and this is considered quite normal. We see that our mood varies over time and from day to day and there are times when we feel low and depressed for a few...

Compulsive Hoarding Disorder

Why Do People Hoard? I was watching a western serial where they show all kinds of eccentricities people have and one of the things that they focused on was the habit of hoarding by some people . The things people hoard is amazing, one of the...

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It is one of the best phone of HTC company. It has a full QWERTY keyboard and also it has a wide touch screen. It can be kept like a small laptop. It has
When Mark Taylor of Australia retired from Test Matches he had  played 104 Tests for Australia scoring 7525 runs with 19 centuries at a average of 43.49.