How to clean glass items in kitchen

Separate the glass items in 2 categories, one of the items which are very delicate and the second with the strong items.  Try to clean them with your hands very carefully. If you clean them with soapy water, then there may be a chance of...

Kitchen-ordinary yet modular

People spend lots to get modular fittings installed in their kitchen. Initially, the beauty of this kitchen might woo you and you might be tempted to upgrade your kitchen with modular enhancements. But, the fact is with time, these kitchen may...

Kitchen tips

People maintain their house very neatly and beautifully. We should give the same importance to our kitchen. So if you desire to have clean, interesting, comfortable and beautiful kitchen similarly like hall then please follow the below tips. 1....

kitchen maintenance

Cleanliness in Kitchen Nowadays, most of the people are suffering from allergies. They are not trying to know the correct reason of their allergy and having some medicine to cure it temporarily. But they get new problems with these medicines....

Kitchen - Way of Interior Coloring.

Introduction You are going to fall in a difficult condition while the decoration of your kitchen and selecting a color palette.  If you are sure and certain about the type of style and atmosphere of the kitchen, you cannot feel any difficulty...

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Are BJP and the central government right in poking their nose in the AAP government's affairs?

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Indian media has been on the overdrive ever since he decided to call it quits after the Galle Test, the first match of the three match series between India
Of the thousand odd superheroes created till today, I haven’t come across one decent lawyer superhero. Well there was a Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law,
  Due to the pollution now a days we are loosing much hair. Washing hair for two or three days are compulsory with shampoos. Due to chemical’s in shampoos
Rekha Garg
For the individuals who have long been in the web promoting business, focusing on activity has been a typical objective. Through time, they have without
Skaria Jithesh
Guys,   Some very useful Windows XP Tips:   Remove MSN Messenger   1) Go to Run and type gpedit.msc 2) Go to Computer Configuration -> Administrative