No onion, no tears

Introduction: Onion is associated with tears. But it brings tears when it is chopped or sliced. But what we see now is ‘no onion’ and ‘no tears’ at home. To be more precise the rising cost of onion brings tears in the eyes of the home-maker....

Ice cream cones

  Every human being on this planet loves to eat ice creams. Some eat in cups , some in cones. Let us learn how ice cream cones are made. Materials required:Dark brown sugar, caramel colouring, flavouring ingredients, ice cold water, flour and...

Retro bedroom furniture

Everyone like to home decorating both for comfort and for status. People pay adequate time and money for home remodeling and find pleasure in accomplishing the same. Retro bedroom furniture gives a beautiful look to the bedroom and marks the...

हम आजकल ये बात हमेशा सुनते आ रहें है वो है ''मेहेंगाई डायन | '' सचमुच मेहेंगाई ने तो लोगों का दम तोड़ दिया है | कोई चीज खरीदें तो कैसे |रोटी कपड़ा मकान ये जरुरत कि चीजे मिलाना मुश्किल होता जा रहा है | उसमें लोगोंको रहत मिलाती है जब वह कोई चीज...

Silk - the best souvenir from Thailand

Thai silk you've seen? The wonderful thing. This is exactly what will be constantly reminded of Thailand, and will last for years. Very high-quality silk sock, durable fabric. And some of it obtained shirts, robes, scarves. It is a miracle...

Bonding and Sealants - Types of adhesives

The adhesive in liquid state should have less surface tension than the substrate. The substrate must be sufficiently rugged, surface roughness must be of the order of a micron. The viscosity and adhesive application conditions should be such that...

The Industrial Revolution - History of the Industrial Revolution It begins in England in the mid eighteenth century. It is characterized by the passage of the manufacturing engineering industry. Introducing manufacturing machines multiplies...

Industrial Revolution

Introduction The Industrial Revolution began in the eighteenth century in England, with the mechanization of production systems. While in the Middle Ages the craft was how to produce more used in the modern age has changed everything. The...

Business works on two functions marketing & innovation. Marketing function involves packaging; this is the ultimate thing that will attract the customer to buy your product. In case your product is for the retail store selling, then the packaging...

Production and Reserves of Orimulsion Fuel

Production of Orimulsion One metric ton of Orimulsion between 6.25 to 6.28 equivalent barrels, this variation depends on the density of bitumen. Currently the cost of one metric ton of Orimulsion is $ 14.5. If we make the conversion to barrels 1...

The commercial production of hydrocarbons since 1917 and Venezuela today maintains its position as one of the world leaders in the oil market. Proven oil reserves currently reach approximately 65,000 million barrels. One of the largest deposits in...

Bicycle- a popular vehicle

Bicycle is a vehicle consisting of two wheels fixed to a frame, steered by handlebars, and propelled by an arrangement of pedals and gears driven by the feet. The name of this modern vehicle is from the year of 1869. Various precursors of this...

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Business Card Design Now a days, most of the people using business cards, especially Business people. Actually business card is a small card which contains
                                   MALICIOUS SOFTWARE What is malicious software? A software that has been intentionally
Karuna Sapra
 आज के भौतिकवाद में मनुष्य प्रकृति से दूर होता जा रहा है।
A SALUTE TO THE MASTER........... The greatest ambassador the game of cricket can ever get is this little master.he was just 16 when he walked into
Ronark Bhardwaj
Before getting a job ,we have to put ourself in an interv iew. For geting a good job  you need to be good in an  interview.     Some Tips how to be