Our mother land

Our mother land India, is a vast country, but not of any particular religion, language, caste, race or tribe. It is a composite cultural entity which has given a distinct identity of Indian ness to all its nationals. The diversities of languages,...

In times of Freedom

On August 15 we celebrate Independence day. Today , we enjoy a freedom that 62 years ago our leaders fought to preserve. On August 15 our prime minister will be hosting the flag. This has been tradition since 1947 when India attained freedom. Wtha...

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Family life

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A great president of America Little Abraham wanted to study, but the school was far away, and he had to stay at home to help on thee farm. Hard work made
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Dipu kumar singh
What are social networking sites Only a few years after the arrival of internet, social networking sites come in an existence. Not only can it bangs.
Dr. Simran Kaur
  Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin and required by the body for maintaining its optimum health. As you all know that vitamin A is very good for eye
You talk to your friends. You talk to your parents. You talk to your teachers. You talk to so many people. God is our father. He has made us. He has given