Oracle database concepts

Introduction:  The oracle database server is an object-relational database management system. This write-up deals with practical aspects of compatibility of practical functioning of oracle database servers within ecosystems of all operating...

Learning SQL - Beginners Tutorial - Part 2

Hello and Welcome back to SQL beginners tutorial part 2. In the previous article, as a first part in the series we learnt till how to insert the data in the tables. Today we dig further and we will try to learn more SQL functions and working more...

Learning SQL - Beginners Tutorial - Part 1

This Whole world is running because of data and its increasing at an exponential rate. You have data around you everywhere and all the time. Even your personal stuff is your data to use your stuff in better way it needs to be organized well so that...

Types of Oracle Users

  The types of users and their roles and responsibilities at a site can vary. A small site can have one database administrator who administers the database for application developers and users. A very large site can find it necessary to divide the...

2. What is DBMS?

It is a collection of programs that enables user to create and maintain a database. In other words it is general-purpose software that provides the users with the processes of defining, constructing and manipulating the database for various...

What is database?

A database is a logically coherent collection of data with some inherent meaning, representing some aspect of real world and which is designed, built and populated with data for a specific purpose

Unlocking a locked table/object in Oracle

Oracle put locks on tables when any DML/DDL operations performing. Generally, some internal processes accesses the data and locks the table. So if you want to forcibly unlock the table you can follow the below steps. Get the Object ID from the...

Oracle IMP & EXP Command Line Tools

Oracle prvides these very important tools IMP and EXP, which we can use to import and export schemas, tables or whole database from remote database to our local database respectively. We can use this tool to schedule the import/exports.To do...

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