Unix commands

Here In this article i want to give you some knowledge about the command used in unix operating system.This is totally different from other operating system.Unix operating system only work with command .It does not take direction by mouse.Now let...

Here Is: Shell Control Structures

  Shell Control Structures The scripts we have written so far execute their instructions in the same order in which they appear in the program. In other words, you can say that they execute their instructions sequentially. Such instructions are...

Fun with " vi "

vi is a editor which comes when any one is asked to program in shell script. On the Linux screen, you need to press ESC to go to command mode which is followed by the keys a Add test to right of cursor. i Insert text to the right of the...

Shell Script to demonstrate functions

We can modularize the code in Shell Script as well as with the other languages. Separate the common functionality into separate functions so that they can be used anywhere in the script. Also this makes the big programs to easily...

Using command line argument in Shell Script

#!/bin/sh#Shell script to demonstrate Command Line Arguments # define variables to be usedi=1fact=1 # simple loop to use the command line arguments# Finding the factorial of a number supplied with the# command line argument $1while test $1 -ge...

Shell Script to Check File Permissions

#Finding whether the file has write permission or not   echo "Enter A File Name"read file   Getting the correct letter indicating the permissions. The letter can be different for the type of user, i.e. the owner, group or all others. You can...

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Will recession period in India come again in IT field 2016?

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As the technology has advanced, so has the threat to the security of our systems. We are installing more powerful and authenticated anti-viruses these
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