Love yourself I think loving yourself is a nice idea but once you exceed your limits then perhaps you are moving towards self infatuation or on the verge of being an arrogant.  I feel being a self infatuated is reason to inspire which...

Love is a complicated topic

Are you in love- Really? People feel confused when they find their partners no more interested despite having had physical relations with each other.  I am sure you understand my point and what I mean but the situation becomes worse when any...

After your father, your husband is the man who cares for you most. He is the man who loves you unconditionally and tries to make you always happy. He is the man who fulfills your desires; whatever you want to have. You too should make your hubby...


Is there a formula which explains how we fall in love? Something that helps us approximate how likely we are to find true love? Before we get to the maths behind this phenomenon we call love, let's see how to define the things we're gonna...

A forgotten love story

Evil Love – Not so evil though  Love is some thing special, described as many -spledoured like thing by love gurus and saints. You know it’s a pain in our heart, which makes us fall (never rise) in this process but we always love it. Love is...

Lies between women and men

Can you guess who does lie women or men? You may guess women lie more than men. According to few surveys it is found that men lie more than women. Do you know why they lie? To stop few quarrels with women, to make their girlfriends feel happy,...

Love - Gift From God.

Meaning of love Love is not only a feeling. It is more than a feeling. Feeling is a part of love but not a love. You may consider love as a choice. Getting love is not an easy task you have to do some hard work for love. Feeling is not with you...

చాల మంది దంపతులు ఎడమొహం పెడమొహం ల ఉంటారు. వీరు ఒకరికొకరు శత్రువుల్ల చూసుకుంటూ ఉంటారు. వీటికి కారణం ఎపుడో వచ్చిన మనస్పర్ధలు, కక్షలు, కోపతాపాలు. దంపతులన్న తర్వాత ఇలాంటివి చాల సహజం. వీటిని మనసులో పెట్టుకొని ఎదుటివారి పైన పగతో రగిలిపోవటం, ఉరికే చిటపటలు...

Instant love instant conflict

Introduction With time the definition of love has changed for people and society. Many people advocate the idea of instant love and instant marriage. But this has brought its problems. The sooner one is at love and marriage the sooner conflicts...

Men and women - Love and fight

Acceptance of shortcomings Men and women have long lists of complaints for each other but their traits always are different and none of them knows this process easily for instance- Men thinking in terms of ‘I am fine’ while the women think that...

Two different versions Woman and man are inseparable but they have some basic differences. They have a true love and hate relation despite the fact remains that they cannot do without each other. This is nothing new but going on for ages. Some of...

Introduction It is extremely necessary to take care of yourself. Only when you enjoy a good relationship with yourself, you can enjoy a good relationship with others. Now, having a good relationship with yourself is possible only when you...

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Cricket India's total wash out in Australia

The debacle Down Under is good. Too much Cricket has resulted in neglect of other sports


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Rishi kant upadhyay
           परीक्षा का भूत परीक्षा का भूत,हमें सोने नहीं देता है मन
Lohit Seth
IS CENSORING OF FILMS ESSENTIAL?   1. The authority 'Central Board of Film Certification' sensors the film before tits release.            
"Exam:: Boon or Burden?" Ask this to a student who is taking an exam. He will answer "burden". Ask the same question to him twenty years later when he
  Over the precedent years, web hosting has grown bigger than it has ever been. As more companies get into this field obviously competition gets stiffened.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in the town of Porbander in the state of what is now Gujarat on 2 October 1869.The last few months of Gandhi's life