The Indian penal Code was the work of Lord Macaulay, who has the distinction of being the first man in India to have formulated a common criminal code for the entire country. The Indian Penal Code ( IPC) came into effect in 1860 and superseded the...

Myths about same-sex relationships

There is a notion that makes the rounds in society, sad but true that most think being gay means only to have sex and nothing else. This is a wrong notion and one which needs rectification at the earliest. A gay man is a human, sex is part and...

Lesbian - Same-sex relationship.

Who is Lesbian When one day I open my hotmail account then there is an email from an upset woman from their friends. In my opinion a woman cannot be a lesbian until she has a sexual relationship with other women. By this way we can easily describe...

The Issue of Same Sex Relationships

What is Homosexuality? The issue of homosexuality of late has been a much debated topic associated with a lot of mistrust for the community, even hatred, fear, prejudice, disgust all in varying degrees and continues to be a legal issue in many...

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Is Pari a good horror movie?

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