Woman is not sex toy

The woman and our society It may sound strange that the woman who was worshipped in this country as a mother, sister or inspirer is looked upon as a mere ‘sex object’ today and that too when she has reached to newer heights of education and every...

Introduction: One day I saw that my seven years old son was making a doll with some cotton and gum. As I knew that there was no activity homework from school at that time. Then I was very curious to know why he was making it? I asked him the cause...

Introduction What is media? It means of communication which help to communicate with a large number of people at a time. Now a days it plays an important role to aware and know about something via Radio, television, newspaper, magazines,...

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Should India maintain any sort of relationship with Pakistan

India took many steps in order to maintain peace between India and Pakistan.But all were in vain. Pakistan continued to play deadly games creating destruction in India in various ways.
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Tirthankar Majumdar
Too much stress can lead to many dangerous health conditions. It can trigger depression, anxiety, frustration, violence and even outbursts. Eventually,
We cannot bear scarcity of anything which we much need. In the same way brain also cannot bear, when the nerves in the brain gets contract and blood
What is wrong with your child? You never thought that your child would become so arrogant that he would refuse to listen to you in front of others. He
Ramachandran R
Ingredients:175 gms. Long grained rice (basmati rice)115 gms. French beans (finely chopped)2 nos. Onions (finely chopped) 85 gms. Pork (very finely chopped)85
If we are all home sellers want the highest possible price for our house. If the agency advises that therefore a price which is lower if we had thought,