India has great potential for tourism, and it is indeed one industry which offers the maximum potential for growth, and employment oppourtunites and also huge potential for self-employment.  It also drives a huge service sector growth, in...

The United Arab Emeritus is a fascinating place. One can't imagine that just 5 decades back this entire area was  a large desert dotted with fishing villages on the Arabian Sea.Now it is a tourist hub and Dubai is the second busiest airport in...

Enjoy Life -Pack the Bags

The word TOUR excites everyone.May it be a small girl or a seventy year old man;it has same impact on an average human being.There may be differences in the priorities of the places on choose according to their tastes,social environment and age,but...

If you are on a short visit to Sydney  You have options listed below to have a feel of its tourist's attractions. Most visitors find Sydney as one of the most happening cities in the world as for tours and traveling are concerned. Sydney has...

What is back on our tourism?

In today's fast working world,tourism occupies a stable position in the hearts of people.Year by year tourism develops in every country and in every tourist spot.Why it occupies such a strong position in our minds? For instance,if we ask a child or...

Travel Diary - Many faces of Bangkok

The pretty air hostess on the Thai Airways flight to Bangkok was wearing a long and elegant sarong like silk skirt, when she welcomed us on board. I was surprised to see that by the end of the flight just as we were about to land she had changed...

India - Unique Culture and Tradition.

Introduction Evert Tourist from another country really enjoys their trip to India, a land where something for everyone. Today many tourists from other countries as well as people from our country feel the Importance of India as a Tourist...

Adventure Tourism in India

There are now several types of tourism such as cultural tourism, religious tourism etc. Amongst them all, adventure tourism is now developing as a niche tourism in which the tourists are expected to participate in one or the other kind of...

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Is Dhoni is having a good captaincy record?

That the indian captain dhoni is having great record than any other captain in india
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  Built for the kill,they say when a living organism-small or big is capable of making a quick and ferocious kill.Something similar is believed about
The format in which the Indian Premier League is the best in cricket, and even the World Cup pales in comparison.  Each team gets to play two matches
I don't know whether this article will be approved or not. I just wrote this for fun. When we think of boddunan what are the main words that come to our
                                      FERRARI – All about speed!   I love cars .From childhood I’m very crazy
Pearl Leo
Mobile Number Portability...commonly known as MNP is the fervor of the telecom industry at the moment. When the concept was first introduced and the word