Sewing is a great art and we have seen it in many places on cloths,paper and lather and also fabric.It is an old art. Previously it was a another work culture of ancient women. They did it at home and also decorated their cloths and other household things. Now it becomes a fashion and many even some boys also are doing it professionally. It is also called textile art .

Things needed:

Needle and thread are main things to stitch. Now in many industries machines are used to make different shape and design on cloths and lather.

Difference between past and present

In ancient time mainly women involved themselves to do many stitch work. But now machines are used . Now the era of computer, so everything are computer based. On Saree's or shoes it is done quickly. Previously it was made to decorate own things and also they thought it as another quality of a household wife.

Now in professional time many are making their career through this art and craft.Some of sewing occupations are dressmaker, embroiderer, lather worker, seamstress etc.

Different type of stitching

Stitch with one thread, lock stitch, cover stitch, zigzag stitch are different type of stitch and sewing style to get different fashion.

Skills needed

so one need a special skill to do any sewing art. Knowledge of drawing and some imaginary thought also needed to flourish the work. In village area or rural area this is the main occupation of many families. They make different type of hand made equipments and thus some small scale village industries are running.

How to learn?

Nothing is impossible in present life. First start with a needle and a single tread to stitch. There are many teaching centre now, you can take some classes there to get a free knowledge from them . It is not a big task. Our ancient women had no technical lesson but they did it with a great look and design. You should have patience also to give a look on your work.

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