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The number one  or numero uno film industry in the world is Hollywood. For over a 100 years, Hollywood has dominated world cinema from India to Europe and Africa to America. During this odyssey  Hollywood has thrown up stars and heroes who have become legends. I love Hollywood films and never miss to watch a good film. I also love to watch oldies and they never fail to enthrall me.

One of the Hollywood stars  who I have loved to watch is Errol Flynn.  He was a star of the fifties of the last century, a time when stars were bigger than the films they acted in. I have seen his movies only on DVDs which are available now, but after watching them I have become a great fan of this actor.

Flynn had a relatively short life as he was born in 1909 and died in 1959 of a massive heart attack. He was born in Australia, but made it good in Hollywood without  god father. This shows the caliber of the man.  Errol Flynn specialised in Macho and he man roles. He carefully cultivated an image of a strong and macho man. Unfortunately he suffered from a variety of ailments which were kept hidden from the masses. With all his ailments he still lived a reckless life, dominated by drink and women. In fact, women were his great weakness and at the fag end of his life he wished to marry a 15-year-old girl named Beverly Aldan from a professional acting school.  He died of a heart attack before he could marry her. 

Apart from Beverly, Errol Flynn married thrice and by all accounts he was a good father. Errol lived life to the hilt and tried to replicate his screen life as a macho man and great lover in real life.  Despite the facade, Errol was deeply hurt when he was rejected for all type of military duty during the Second World War on medical grounds. This was a setback to his Macho image, but he glossed over it.

It was in the field of films that Errol shone as a star. Some of his more memorable roles were in Sea Hawk, Adventures of Don Juan, Captain Blood, The Sun Rises and many more. His role as the alcoholic hero of the Sun Also rises won him critical acclaim.

Errol's fast life however took its toll. Maybe he knew his end was near and wanted to make the most of his life. He did not slacken his life style anytime  and continued his love affairs and heavy drinking binges. He died in 1959, leaving behind an image of a macho star who was a great lover. I have seen at least 6 or 7 of his films on the player and each time I watch him, I realise he was one of the greats of Hollywood.

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