1. All posts must be in English language only except the topics, which are language related. However, posting articles in other languages is permitted as per prevailing rules.
  2. Only one account per person is allowed. Multiple accounts from same location/address are NOT allowed. We will track the user ids and if found guilty we will delete them without any warning.
  3. All posts must be on-topic and should not deviate others from the topic.
  4. Discussing illegal activities is strictly prohibited and if found, the users will be banned without any notice.
  5. All questions must be posted on appropriate forum. Please let us know if you think any forum is missing which is most useful to all other members.
  6. All posts shall be titled appropriately.
  7. No short-posts are allowed. Posts such as "Thank you", "Agree" etc will be liable for deletion.
  8. Please check if the similar post is existing and avoid duplicate threads. Posting the same questions multiple times is not allowed.
  9. Please read the entire post carefully before post reply on the post.
  10. All of your posts must be in your own words and do not copy content from anywhere. It is illegal to copy other users content.
  11. Do not post adult content, sexually oriented material or might otherwise be considered offensive. All such posts will be deleted and doing the same thing multiple times by the user, his/her account will be deleted.
  12. Posting links to the pages that contain warez/copyrighted software/materials is strictly prohibited and such posts will be deleted immediately and a corrective action will be taken on posters.
  13. Posting affiliate links is not allowed. 
  14. Make sure you have permission to upload any photos you are using on boddunan. 
    1. By posting copyrighted photos you are putting yourself at risk for legal action if you post photos that you do not have the rights to upload. 
    2. The site takes no legal burden on itself but the members uploading such photos shall be responsible for all actions taken by authorities. 
    3. Posting photos that are violent, racist is strictly prohibited. Do not post photos that are in bad taste, the site has right to delete such photos.
  15. Help out to keep site clean when you can to the site administration. The moderators and editors try to monitor the site constantly, but we also need your eyes and ears to catch problems when they arise, please report abusive or rude behavior through report button
  16. Do not post more than one post in a row unless must or in exceptional cases, the site administration has right to delete all such posts. Members found not following the rule would be penalized/suspended. Making multiple posts consecutively on the same topic for the purpose of getting points is considered spamming on boddunan.
    1. The posts deleted would debit 4 points in your account
  17. Do not post in 'help topics' or 'administrative posts' unless must. Repeating unanswered questions would not help your cause, on the contrary repeating common queries would be considered spam posts and deleted.
  18. Do not ask same query multiple times, it will only increase the time to answer the query or liable for deletion.
  19. Members having complaints against any members/moderators should contact support, starting a thread shall not help your cause as such threads are against rules of the site and libel to be deleted immediately.
  20. Please take any warnings you get from the moderators/editors seriously. 
  21. Please do not start a discussion which does not attracts members' attention in general 
  22. Please do not start a discussion containing only a single photo without your proper input in form of enough text content. 


  1. Your signature shall not contain any images and must be in plain text format, though it may contain links.
  2. Shall not contain promotional content such as quote for products, imformation abouts product sales etc.
  3. Only one link to another website per signature is allowed. You may also include a link to mail address if you wish to.
  4. Signature must not be colored in more colors which will disturb others.
  5. Text size must be reasonable and bigger font shall not be used. The size must be less than the normal content.
  6. The length of the signature shall not wrap to more than 2 lines.
  7. It should not hurt other's feelings and emotions.
  8. reserves the right to manage and control the signatures used by forum members.

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