Wall built between us That never breaks and never shakes Wall that not to protect us But to break Difference between us Makes the wall strong The Difference of religion,Cast and creed The difference of language,colour and nationality Which is more important to us than humanity Why we forget that we all are human We all have heart beating in our body Made from one god Rather than love We hate each other Because of some difference that's not of any worth Rather than helping hand We bully others who are different according to us Why can't we all live together peacefully Withought much fuss on stupid difference Can't we break the wall Which never breaks and never shakes.

O My Love-

O my love you know how much I love you I am sure you don't have doubt about this You came in my life like a moon who light up my life with his love You made me know what love is, true love is You made me feel special You filled my empty hand with your hand You removed my loneliness I feel like a princess you made me felt it, my prince Now my world starts with you and ends with you You are my everything now.

I Am Old-

I am old, shivering and full of wrinkles with no strength I wanted your hand But you never gave me my child Which i have given you when you were kid But you forgot all the thing The things which i have done for you Even if i don't afford too Why you left me when i need you the most Why you left me Between strangers Even they are strangers But all look like me, old and weak Orphanage where now i belong where you left me.

I Am Sad-

I am sad, filled with sorrow, my mental breakdown and crying like hell Nobody is around to Console, comfort me with nice words Nobody loves me The whole world is against me I am not of any worth, i think Why I am here? What for? I never got this answer I shouldn't be alive then Nobody will care if I die I should finish myself By saying this I cried even more No i can't, i can't hurt myself I will not do it also I am not a loser I will fight back If there is a problem I should find a solution to it This life is precious I should be thankful to god And i will.


I am walking on the road alone There's no one to hear No one to share No one to guide Just me all alone Without any support Making my decision Don't know which where it can lead my life As there is no one to guide Just walking on the road Thinking this way is right But sometimes i think what if i choose wrong path and ruined my life As there is no one to guide.

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