Before i begin i would just like to say that this article is purely based upon my personal observation on the walks of different people. It is not directed at anyone in particular!!

So here i go...

Certain traits one cant change. They form a part of our individuality, like the way we smile , laugh, stand, or more noticeably WALK!!!! Yes..WALK forms one of the most identifiable forms of our personality, it speaks a lot about ones attitude...YOUR WALK TALKS!!!

Most of these styles can be more or less grouped into the following basic types:

1) THE KING OF THE WORLD WALKERS : These are the guys who walk like they own the world. They typically stoop each shoulder in front and sideways as they walk. Their heads also move with the beat, accompanied by a periodic "swish" of their hands at the wrist to stylishy bring the intentionally los watchto the dorsal surface. Surprisingly, this act is more to convey their extremely busy schedule..more then to see the time.

2) THE SNOBS: Now dont misunderstand me. Majority of this people Arent really snobs. They walk with their noses in the air ... not just that their noses are pointed, some seem to be watching the ceiling ( what else could they possibly see with such a chin lift???)  But lets be fair to them, may be they like to smell the faintest smells around or may be they are sacred of the sky falling on their heads...The snobs also have a drowsy look about them...eyes half closed , looking ahead.theyre well above the rest ... they even dont move their hands much..making it clear ..." Keep away from me"

3)THE MEEK WALKERS:They are the ones you find often... they look down so much that thers no space between their chin and neck.They are probably the over shy types. so they attack the problem from the root.: If you dont see anyone you arent required to talk or even acknowledge their presence. One cant help but wonder..whats so interesting about the floor... May be they count the cracks...or may b the dirt fascinates them. But surprisingly you wont find them banging into anyone...Perhaps they can see the ground vibrate and anticipate arrival..he he he

4) THE BINDAAS WALKERS: Least bothered about how they look or appear they drag their feet, their hands moe on either side ... often at dangerously large angles ...but be sure they are very charming while apologising to whomsoever they may hit in the process!! Their heads are at the normal face to face level, half smiling like they are enjoying every moment of the walk.

5) THE I'D RATHER BE INVISIBLE WALKERS: These persons dont want to be spotted...theyd rather be ignored. They think everyones watching them. You can easily idnetify them: they look at you than at once look down, try unsuccessfully to feign interest in some distant surrounding and look again at you (too often) to check if you are still looking, then start nervously fidgeting with their watch or nose or bangle or anything. Their situation is sad. Their attempts to mask it are pathetic and they end up making fools of themselves.

6) THE BUSY WALKERS: These are the people who are always in a hurry (or pretend to be). They are always late or much too busy to waste their time following others. They wind through even the most crowded places with butter smooth ease, they squeeze through the tiniest of gaps ...they could put a snake to shame!!!

7)THE LOST WALKERS: They live in a world of their own. they have to be asked the question many times to be brought home to earth, even then it takes them time to focus and answer. their faces have no expression, their walk is slow..almost springy , probably to allow them more time to remember where they are heading!!! lol!!! might as well call them sleep walkers..

8) THE ELEPHANT WALKERS: Ahhh they have so much weight on their bodies that they have to shift their weight from one foot to other with every step. They seem to be dragging their feet, but if you see carefully you'l realsie that they are actually lifting their legs , though very slightly for if they didnt they would leave their sandals behind...The rest of the body moves very little which is understandable..

9) THE SMART WALKERS: Girls in this category swing their waist and hip, their hands move gently and they like to make as much noise as they can : its either tick tock of their heels or the sound of their bangles or anklets. They look at everyone passing bye with a very interested expressionwhich conveys " You'v gotto make friends with me"... The guys in this category generally attempt at dresipn happ!! and fail miserably.. they want to catch everyones eye...they definitely do, but so does cow dung!!! Besides dressing loud they are also abnoxious enough to inspect every girl they pass by, give her a nod of their approval, bestow her with a yellow toothed cavitatious smile and walk off feeling they'v done their good deed for the day!!!!

Hopefully you have identified your walk type by now...I hope there are no hard feelings. Take it with a pinch of salt, especially if you fnd you belong to any one of this categories. Ofcourse, some of you may find that you do not fit in any of the above categories ... thats ok..Its great to be unique after all!!!




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