~~~~adsense alternatives~~~~~

The following are some of the alternatives to Google Adsense

1) Adbrite :-- Many bloggers use adbrite to make money . The webmasters can earn good amount of income through adbrite. Adbrite also got a disadvantage that it also has no paypal option similar to that of adsense , march month payments will be made june ..

Payment option : check

2) Clicksor : It is the very good advertising site . It holds the 2nd best share in my onliine income after adsense . It pays its publishers for every 15 days

payment option : Paypal

3) Bidvertiser : It is the best alternative to adsense, if the website has got more number of vistors and more impressions . It has got a payment option of paypal.here the advertisers bid for ad space on publisher sites

payment option : Paypal

4) Yahoo Publisher Network : It has been going to be the good competetor to adsense nowadays.It shows the ads in the website that are related to website keywords. It also pays at a minimum payment of 100$ similar to adsense

5) Adonion : Adonion provides a good popup ads and most of the webmasters prefer it .it gives a good share of income to its publishers and it pays to its publishers twice a month i.e., for every 15 days . It pays both by check and paypal

Payment option : Check , Paypal

6)Guruji ads : It has got a name as indian adsense . It shows eye catching ads so that they can be clicked ealisy by the visitors and publishers can also earn a good amount of money through it

Payment option : check

7) Adversal : It provides popup ads and is a good alternative to adsense . It has got a good collection of popups and pays once in a month

Payment option : Paypal

8) Tribal Fusion : It is a good alternative to adsense if the website has 5,00,000 impressions daily . It only gives ads to the websites that are very popular.

Payment Option : check ,Paypal

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