Transportion is used to carry men and material from one place to another. It is a necessity and a backbone of our economy. Without it our existence is not possible.

A healthy transportation system is the one which is:

  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Available in odd hours
  • Comfortable and
  • Efficient


In ancient times people used to cover long distances on foot whereas the rich class used to use Palkis and even animals like horses, bulls, elephants, camels etc to cover long distances. Apart from covering long distances these animals were used in wars, in farming and in the construction business as well. However, with the invention of wheels the entire transportation system has changed drastically. Wheels gave birth to Bullock carts, Tangas, Bicycle, Rickshaws etc. These days the use of Bullock carts and Tangas is very limited and is restricted to the small old towns of India. However, the use of Cycle Rickshaw is still present in the metropolitan cities where short distances are required to be covered. This transport is quite cheap and easily available at the railway stations, hospitals, interstate bus terminals etc.

With the help of electrical engineering various means of transportation such as:

  • Auto Rickshaws
  • Taxis
  • AC Buses
  • Metro
  • Inter-State Trains
  • Speed boats
  • Cruise liners
  • Airplanes etc have taken over the traditional transport.


The Richshaw which was manually operated earlier is motorized. The Train which was running on coal is running on electricity and is touching a speed of approx 350+ km\ hour. Even Airplanes are equipped with the super sonic engines and are capable of achieving high speeds. The invention of computers, GPS navigation systems, modern technology etc has made possible for all of us to reach at the desired destination in no time. Today, the speeds of 60 to 80kms/ hour in the cities and 120kms/ hour on the highway are quite common.

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