Business communication is an art and all business houses take special care in interacting with managers, employees, clients, and other prospective business associates. In this context, business communication involves interaction in the form of letters, telephonic conversation, and public relations. Another important thing to remember is that business operations are not restricted to any locality, state, city or nation in today's world.

Need of business communication

Today if production is one nation, the consumption may be worldwide. It is impossible to contact every customer or retailer personally. Thus, came up the need of business communication. Business communication was not essential in the past as trade was restricted but in today's competitive business world, business letters and presentations have an increased importance because of the vast expansion and supply of goods and services. Business communication brings people, businesspersons and nations closer to each other. Businesses cannot survive or flourish in this era, if effective and purposeful correspondence does not exist.

The importance of business communication

  1. Helps in maintaining proper business relationships. As discussed above, business activities are not confined to one city, state, nation or locality. We need to build business relations around the world. Thus, comes up the need of business correspondence, which helps to contact and maintain relationship with existing and prospective business associates and customers. The customers may seek information through letters. Thus, business may be carried on a national and an international basis.
  2. A convenient and inexpensive mode of communication. STD and ISD calls put a lot of cost on our pocket and hence business letters are a more inexpensive and easy mode of receiving and sending information however this process may be a lengthy one.
  3. Useful for future reference. Again, if records are maintained properly, the same may be useful for future reference. Recorded business correspondence helps to plan, in a better way, all future dealings.
  4. Helps to create and maintain goodwill. Business houses today incur high expenses in creating and maintaining goodwill. A good image is the key to success. It is very important to maintain cordial relations with the customers to survive in today's market of cut-throat competition. Customers need to be updated regularly about the news products launched by the organisation, and if a store or outlet, a clearance sale, etc.
  5. Business communication is also helpful in thanking the customers for their support and loyalty to the services and products of the organisation.

All in all, business communication is an integral part of an organisation's well being in the market. Without communication, there will be no business actually.

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