Marketing is emerging around 1950, makes marketing leaps from there. It is adopted in each organization. There are more and more subsections of marketing and the concept is broader and more familiar with the years. There, models and tools to help companies with good marketing. Known models of Porter, Ansoff, Grönroos, Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry. These are just a few famous authors of models for marketing.


Marketing is a very broad discipline, not a business without marketing. Everything a company does with in mind the competitors or customers is a part of marketing. There are many types of marketing.

Types of Marketing

Marketing Services

International marketing

Retail Marketing

Nonprofit Marketing

Industrial Marketing

One definition of marketing

Marketing is the mindset that market orientation is central, market orientation is the extent to which the organization's overall thinking and actions into account the consumer and the competitor. And this advantage by generating the appropriate internal and external activities.

Importance of strategy in marketing

Strategy is an important part of marketing. There are many tools being developed through the years that companies are well on their way to help create a strategy. The strategy of a company is the thread that the company wants to follow. Whether this is usually successful in the activities surrounding the strategy are made.

A number of tools for creating a strategy.:

Ansoff Growth Strategy

Competitive Strategy Porter

Core Competence of Hamel and Prahalad

Value positions of Treacy and Wiersema

Radical innovation of Kim and Mauborgne


The quality of a product or service is an important part of marketing. The quality is very important that customers perceive. The quality can run the company's good quality but if the customer does not perceive the company has a problem. Then there is the expected quality of a customer. This is the quality they expect to get. The perceived quality is the ultimate quality that a customer experiences. Does not correspond disconfirmatie arises. This can be positive if the experience is better than expected. This can be good, if experience equals the expectation. This can be negative, if experience is worse than expected.

In order to measure quality and to evaluate a number of models made by different authors:

5 perspectives of quality Garvin

Perception of Quality Gronroos

SERVQUAL model of Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry


The 4 P's are the building blocks of your strategy, try this strategy as well as possible approach. The 4 P's are price, product, promotion and place. When they are properly filled, guided by the strategy, the objectives of the strategy set can be achieved.

Marketing is a very big thing in business, where everything down to marketing, you want to describe a series of books as big as a comprehensive encyclopedia. Therefore I find some basic models and components listed, but this is only a very small part of marketing.

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