Team work is

l  The Ability of the group to work together.

l  The fuel that allows a group to attain an uncommon results.

l  Less “me” and more “we”.


Team = Together Everyone Achieves More.





Why work as a team?


Team work

l  Divides the work and doubles the success.

l  Gives members a strong sense of self-worth and a feeling of belonging.

l  Helps members see their tasks as a link in the chain of serving organization.

l  Promotes share responsibility.



People who work together will win.




Skills needed for Teamwork:

·        Listening

·        Participating

·        Questioning

·        Sharing

·        Persuading

·        Helping

·        Respecting





Benefits of Team working:



*      A team works together to achieve a common goal.

*      Team members perform their duties to the best of the abilities

*      Shares responsibility and credit for successes.

*      Support and encourage each other.

*      Build esprit de corps or team building

*      Team members need to handle conflict in ways that result in win-win situations.

*      Team members are partners in serving the organization to achieve its goals and objectives









Finally the famous proverb for Teamwork is


 “Coming together is a beginning

Working together is progress

Staying together is success”.





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