Scarcity of resources

Scarcity of resources and using these in best interests of mankind is key issue for economists, politicians and others. The prosperity of human race depends on optimum use of resources.

Avoid wastage

Avoiding wastage of resources including human resources is the key to human happiness and social justice. We must concentrate on most optimum and just use of resouces especially those in shortage.

Land- the basic resource

All resources are provided by mother earth. Land is the most important resoucre. Forests, mines, agriculture, buildings, roads, railway tracks all need land. It is crucial issue how to use the resources in best interests of all.

Encourage public transport and community facilities

One way to get best results with use of less resources is community usage instead of individual usage. To illustrate, we should discourage personal transport and encourage public transport. Personal transport needs more fuel per passanger, more parking space and idle parking. Public transport enables better use of the facility, less consumption of fuel per passanger. Ideally, private two wheelers and four wheelers should be drastically reduced. apart from economy considerations, criminal activities will also be checked. The criminals invariably need communication and transport facility for their operations. It may be recalled that double riding motor cycles was once banned in Punjab in order to curb terrorist activities.
coordinate buildings for residence and business
Construction planning for government, commercial, residential buildins and market places should be coordinated so that the travelling from residence to work of place and back is the minimum. The medical facilities for primary health care should be near the residence. In brief, need for transport sahould be minimum. Better use of communication facilities may reduce the need for travelling. The concept of small office home office is ideal for professionals. One way is that the professionals get their residence cum office near their clients. For example a Central Excise advocate may arrange for office cum residence near industrial area so that his clients may easily approach him.   
computer and communication facilities may be used on community basis. This will ensure use of same facilities by larger number of persons besides inculcating the spirit of cooperation and team spirit.

Prioritize land and electricity usage

our natural resources are limited as explained at the very outset. Land and electricity are two main resources in demand for all sectors. Land is required for agriculture, industry, roads, railway track, educational institutions etc. We cannot allow reckless deforestization for the sake of so called development. Forests are necessary for maintaining ecological balance and as shelter to wild life.We should ponder over need for preserving forests,agriculture and wild life before it is too late.
Power shortage is another issue. Agriculture needs priority. Diesel, pertrol and electriccity must be provided to agriculture sector before others. It is astonishing that the urban rich get power for their airconditioners and fuel for their luxury cars while farmers suffer lack of power and diesel for their tube wells annd tractors.

Revive the slogan- Jai Jawan Jai Kisan

The best way is to give priority to agriculture, forests and the army. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan- slogan given by Late Prime Minister Lal Bahdur Shastri needs be given fresh look. Defence forces and farmers are the backbone of our country's prosperity and honour. Our economic plan should begin with assessment of need for food and othe basic necessities. Besides agriculture, cottage and small scale industries needing less land and resources should be preferred. All resources after meeting agriculture needs should be allocated between dfence and agriculture. Virtually our entire population will consist of agriculturists and soldiers. The other sectors should be subservient to agriculture and defence needs. Thus we need railways, roads and transport only for defence forces.

Best use of Human resources

We have large number of people depending on livelihood on unearned sources like begging, momey lending, renting of buildings etc. A nation that consists of large number of persons living on unearned income cannot long survive as a strong nation. So an environment condctive to hard work and spirit of patriotism must be created. Needless to say best use of human resources is also necessary. Most of our population should be directly employed in agriculture and defence. The unproductive professions like legal services, religious gurus etc should be minimised.
Undoubtedly by optimum use of our natural resources, we can attain progress, happiness, strength and national honour.

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