As Internet users are increasing, Internet marketing also increasing and there are lots of advertisement shows in each and every sites and each and every pages.

so all site owners are making good money and to make money some new sites are also coming with new ideas and new concepts.

Like there are so many social networking sites like,face book,linkedin and so many, they all have huge number of members and count is in millions so they are getting easy traffic and they are getting money from there advertiser.

But some new social networking sites who has developed there sites some month back they also want to make money so they share there earning with there members to keep there member active with them.

this is a very good thing by socializing with friends w can make some mney also.

Because orkut is making money from us because we are the viewer of these advertisement but we don't get any benefit from it.

so friends please join some social network from where you can make soem money as well as you can keep in touch with your friends

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