This is first time in history happened that jobs are vanish from the market. This is not only in India but this effected whole world. Every one is so depressed and upset for there current situation. Industries are talking advantages of Good candidates as now they can offer them low package, over qualified, creamy crowed are ready to work in shifts and low salary.

This is a big time disappointment for all of us. It is not only imapacting our daily life but also impact our personal life too. Disputes in family are getting increased whether it between spouse or parents. If same goes for a longer period than it might bring ot of changes in our routine life. 

We need to think about young children who will pass out in 2010 batch, will get mentally effected and they will either stop studying or get demotivate with the current situation. The other side of coin is our parents who are more depressed and worried about there children. Think for those families who were only dependent on there head of family and how will they manage is head of family lost his job, Job lost will not only make difference in financial conditions but also effect the future planing of there family needs.

I wish 2010 will bring lots of job so we all can earn good and crime rate will fall.

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