Rooting any android phone means to access its system folder so that you can make changes in system files. It is a complex thing and one should only try this rooting stuff if he or she has enough information and knowledge about it otherwise you can brick your mobile phone anytime. Many people root their phone for different purpose. Some of them want to install custom android ROMs on their phone for getting more features than normal android version and some people root their phone so that they can use some applications which are very useful and have amazing features but they can only work on rooted phones. In this article we will see about some great applications which requires rooted android phone and they have some amazing features which we can’t get from any normal applications. So if you are interested in rooting and developing stuff keep on reading for more details.

There is big list on play store of applications which requires rooted phone but I will tell you best of them (as per me) among them. I will start with my favorite application Titanium backup.

Titanium Backup:

As I said it is my favorite because it is having very unique features of backing up different things on your android phone with other features too. Let’s learn about features of this great application.

Backing up applications: You can easily backup your all applications which you installed on your android device using titanium backup. You will say what is new in this and why it requires rooted phone for something like this as there are many apps available on play store which can do similar thing without rooting requires. Well, unlike other applications titanium backup also backup applications data which can be restore with the applications when you restore them. Means suppose you are playing some game and you are on ‘x’ level on it. Now you are backing up it with titanium backup application. Now when you are restoring its data and app using the same app then you will get this game on your new phone with all its data, means you will on the same ‘x’ level where you left. So it is also backing up your application data and for that it requires rooted android phone.

Delete system applications: If you are using android phone then you must have noticed that there are some applications on it which can’t be uninstalled. For example, there are some apps given from mobile company and some other are default ones like messaging app, calling app, camera app, etc. Those applications are installed on system storage and that’s why they can’t be uninstalled in normal way like other applications. But sometimes those mobile companies give extra apps which are not required at all and they are just wasting your extra phone space. Now titanium backup offers you a feature using which you can uninstall such system applications from your phone. As this application gains the root access it can access the system folder and delete those system applications easily.

Convert apps into system app: As I said above titanium backup can delete your system applications easily. Same ways they can also convert your normal application into system application so that they can’t be uninstalled in a normal way. So you can save your important apps from getting deleted or uninstalled accidently by you or other. Of course you can delete them from titanium backup and you can also convert them back to normal from the system application.

Gravity Box (requires xposed installer):

Gravity Box is the application which requires Xposed Installer to work on your phone. Gravity Box is one of the modules available in the Xposed installer application among several modules. But Gravity box is quite popular and offers you several features, so that’s why I am mentioning it here. As this topic is about applications which require rooted phone, so yes this application also requires root access of your phone. Gravity box offers many cool features which are mostly available on Custom ROMs. You can customize many things on your custom android ROM, same way you will also get customization features on your stock ROM using gravity box. You will get features like below:

Status bar tweaks: You can have many tweaks for changing stuff on your status bar. Using gravity box you can change color of all status bar icons. You can also change the position of status bar clock with extra functions related to it. You can also change your battery icon from available list. You can get internet speed indicator on your status bar using the same.

Make your stuff transparent: Using Gravity box you can make things transparent on your Android phone. You can make status bar, navigation bar, notification bar, lock screen, etc. transparent on your phone. Yes it will give you feel like upgraded phone for sure.

Other stuff: There are many more extra features available on gravity box and it is surely hard to explain them all. Still here are some of them.

  • You can get clear all button on recent app window with available free RAM bar.
  • You can change the number of rows and columns in menu on any launcher.
  • You can get CRT screen off and on effect using it.
  • You can change lock screen wallpaper separately, this feature is not available in many android phones by default.
  • You can add extra apps and features on quick settings panel using gravity box.
  • You can hide your soft navigation button from your android screen and also use PIE controls to navigate your android phone. By hiding soft navigation button you can get full screen too.

So this is it about Gravity box. I may have forgotten many things to describe as there are many things available on it. Let’s move towards another useful application.

Viper4Android: (Enhance Sound Quality)

This is another good application for music lovers which also requires rooted phone for its usage. This application enhances the music quality in different way of your android phone. Trust me it surely affects music quality of your phone. I am not talking about external speakers but it will surely improve music quality when you hear the music from your headphones. Just install this app and install its drivers from your phone and you can feel the magic. It can improve the bass effect a lot. It can also improve surrounding effect. You can set the ratio of all features from the settings. There are many other such applications (requires root) made by developers. But personally I enjoy this one most. I am sure the one who love the heavy bass effect during music will love this application. Don’t worry you can decrease it too. Have fun.

Greenify (Battery Booster):

This application has gain popularity in very short time. It provide most useful feature and it is battery saving on your android. I am sure all of you know how quickly battery drains in smart phones. Using this application you can hibernate all non wanted applications on your android device. Now what is hibernating application? In android phones even you close or exit any application, some of them will still keep doing back ground process and eat up your battery. Hibernating them means this application will make them sleep when you are not using them. Means they will not able to do any background process. Iphone is having this same functionality and we all know in iPhone battery stays more in compare to android phone. You can’t hibernate all apps as by doing hibernate apps like whatsapp, you will not receive messages until you open the whatsapp, so that’s why you can hibernate each app individually and you think that are not necessary to run in background. You can make exception for app like whatsapp. Now this application also requires rooted phone so that it can greenify apps when they are not on automatically. The new version of this app also support non rooted phone but you will not able to put application in hibernate mode automatically. You have to greenify all apps manually after to use them.

Wakelock Detector: (Detect background running apps)

This application also requires rooted phone to work. Let me tell you combination of this application and Greenify application (I mentioned above) is the best. Because this application keep watches on another application which keep doing their process/running background. Means this application will tell you which other applications are keep running in background and leaching your mobile battery. It will give you the list of the applications which are using your phone CPU and the one which are using the display unnecessarily when they are not on. That’s why I tell you that this application and Greenify app makes good combination. As you can make list of applications on the basis of this application and greenify them to put in hibernate mode.

Mobile Uncle Tools: (Install custom recovery)

This is another good tool which offers few good features for your android phones. Let me tell you, this app is more useful to those who love developing stuff on their android like installing custom ROMs and other stuff. First of all it can provide the complete device information to you including whole hardware. Sometime such information can be helpful to you in different ways. You can also explorer engineer mode of your android phone from where you can change settings of your phone. The most useful feature is that you can easily flash custom recovery on your android phone using this tool. You just need to put .img file on your SD card and using this tool you can install it directly. Using this application you can also backup your IMEI numbers and you can restore them back using the same. These all features can be used by people who do developing stuff with their phone.

So this is it. I guess I have explained many apps with very detailed information. For me many of them are very useful to me. And all of them offer very unique features which you can’t get with normal applications. So this may gives you good reason to root your android phone as well. Some functions and features are base on system files; you can’t use them unless you have access of system folders. That’s why rooting phone is important. So if you are not aware of advantages of rooting the android, then above applications give show you enough advantages for the same. Try yourself to know more about them. Have fun.

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