Data storing devices are the devices which are used to store data or the useful information which we may require in future. The data or the useful information can be in the form of:

  • Music files
  • Movie files
  • MS office files (word files, power point presentations, exce filesl etc)
  • Pictures and other important documents

Some of the common data storing devices are:

  • Writable CDs
  • Writable DVDs
  • External hard disks
  • Pen drives
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Cell Phones etc

Writable Compact Disk (WCD) is an external data storing device that can store our data instantly with the help of a CD writer and a software. A standard WCD can store 700 MB of data easily.

  • Mobility
  • Size and
  • Cost are the main advantages of a WCD.

A writable CD costs Rs20 to Rs25 at the max. On the contrary, a scratch on such a device can spoil the stored data. Moser Bayer is the top brand which is into the manufacturing of writable CDs.

Writable Digital Video Disk (WDVD) is another external data storing device which can store of almost 4.7 GB of data.

External hard disk is also used for storing data. A standard external hard disk has a disk space of 40-80 GB. The external hard disk can be attached or removed from our computer through a jack. The most common external hard disk which is available in India is manufactured by HP and it costs Rs 3600.

Pen drive can store data from 1GB to 32GB at the max. A pen drive has a low storing capacity in comparison with the external hard disk. Transcend, Sony, Sandisk are the top brands which are into manufacturing of pen drives. The cost of a pen drive varies with their data storing capacity.

Desktop computers, laptops and cell phones are also used for storing data. Cell phones stores data pertaining to phone numbers, addresses, music, pictures, movies etc and can be used when we are on the move. Similarly, laptops can store data and are mobile too. Desktop computers are not mobile but can store more data than laptops and cell phones.  

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