hi frnz,

u may ve used Ram to boost up ur PC speed. but nw. we can also use PENDRIVE as a RAM - can be use externally... with some modified settings u can use as a RAM


1. connect ur pendrive to ur pc( sud b atleast 1GB, will b better if u got 4GB)

2. after connecting, wait for sometime till ur pen drive gets detected by ur pc

3. after gettin detected, u got to do some work

4. right clik on MY COMPUTER and select properties

5. go to advanced and then to performance setting and then to advanced then

6. from that select pen drive and then click on custom select  " chek the value of space available"

7. enter the name in the initial and max columns

now u just used the memory of the pendrive as the "Virtual Memory"

8. now restart ur pc and enjoy the speed


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