Windows has a great feature called 'Hibernation'.This feature of windows allows user to resume the current session without loosing the work. While the leaving computer idle, some of us use Stand By option to resume the current session and save the power.The same task can be performed by using 'Hibernation' feature.The great advantage of hibernation over the stand by is that the computer goes shut down during hibernation and takes no power. You do not need to worry about your unsaved work while hibernating the computer because it saves all unsaved work in a temporary file and restores all the work in last situation when you on the computer. It means that you will not loss your unsaved work.


The hibernation is more useful during the situation when you have lot of unsaved work and do not have enough time to save it because of low UPS backup time or any other issue .You must hibernate your computer in order to save your work.


In the windows xp the hibernation option is not enabled by default.You need to enable this option to hibernate your computer.


Follow these steps to enable hibernation:


1. Go to Control Panel

2. Open the Power option

3. Navigate to Hibernate tab

4. Check on the 'Enable Hibernation'

5. Click on apply or OK

7. Now you can hibernate you computer.


To hibernate your computer follow these steps

1. Right click on task bar and click on Task Manager or press Alt+Ctrl+Del

2. Open the Shut Down Menu and click on Hibernate

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