Word Document Home Tab

Ctrl – In the following article ctrl refers Control Button in your computer.

MSWord Home Tab - Clipboard Task pane

Paste Button

Paste button is used for paste the text or image what we have cut or copied. Ctrl button + V is the short cut of paste option

Cut option

In Home tab an icon like scissor is available. That icon is used for cut the text or image what we have selected.

If you want to select the whole document Ctrl+ A is used for selecting the whole document.

If you want to select the above text Shift + Up arrow is used.

If you want to select the below text Shift + Down arrow is used.

If you want to select the text in left Shift + Left is used. Likewise Shift + Right button is used for selecting the text that appears Right.

After selecting the text whatever you wish to select cut icon or Ctrl+X is used for cut the text and move the cursor wherever you need the text or image. Use ctrl +V for pasting it. Or paste icon for pasting the text.

I wish to tell you the easy way of selecting the text. First of all put the cursor in starting position and scroll to go for end position, after reaching end position use shift it is used for selecting the portion whatever you need.

Format Painter Icon

It is used to copy the format of one place and apply the specified format to the another place. Select the source text whatever format you need to apply for another location and after selecting the text use format painter icon in the target position wherever you want to apply the format.

Paint icon is appearing near the text then click the target, the formatting is updated now.

Ctrl+ Shift + C is use to select the format of the source. Click the format painter icon and click the target.

Ms Word – Home Tab - Font Task Pane

Using font task pane you can choose the font type and font size. Example font types are Times New Roman, Arial, Monotype Corsiva and etc. You can choose any size for the font.

Bold the text

B icon in this pane is used for Bold the selected text. I have explained the ways of how to select the text in cut option. Select the source text. Use Ctrl + B for Bold the text.

Italics the text

I Icon is used for Italics the text. Ctrl + I is the short cut.

Underline the text

Ctrl + U is used for underline the text. Select the text and use Ctrl + U for underline.

Strike through Icon

Strike through icon is used to strike out the text.

Subscript Icon

Subscript Icon is used for Subscript the text co2. It is used for create the small letters below the baseline of the text. Ctrl + = is used for subscript the text and for removing the subscript also the same combinations used.

Superscript Icons

Superscript Icon is used for superscript the text. It is used to create the small letters above the base line of the text Ctrl+Shift + + is used for superscript the text. For removing the superscript also the same combination is used.





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