Many people who buy and sell online, who do online work like article writing, building websites etc use paypal account for the transfer of payments. There are various sites like paypal, alertpay, moneybookers etc through which online transfer and payments of money can be done. This accounts are some what like bank accounts to these people. They earn money and receive in such accounts which they then withdraw to bank or get through cheque.

Paypal is very popular and most secured site for online money transfer. Most of the people prefer using paypal account as it is safe and mostly all use it. There are some who transfer more than thousand dollars in a month from paypal and have faith on paypal.

As everything has some negative side paypal also has. Many time many problems happen and various issues happens. The most common issue is that paypal makes account limited. When a account is made limited the money in it get stuck up in it and  if one wants to withdraw the money one needs to submit some documents. If the issue doesnt get solved one can only get the money withdrawn after six months . There are many reasons for which paypal makes account limited some of them are login to account through different ips and any other security reason.People who suffer such problems get upset and also get stressed. Paypal should try to improve their system regarding these problems.

This time paypal has given Indian people yet another problem. This problem is mainly for the Indians who have personal paypal account .I have heard that paypal is making strict rules mainly for Indians accounts since there have been many security cases with Indian paypal accounts. The money received some days before has been reversed to sender .Due to this many withdrawals have been cancelled. This problem is common for many Indians from the last days and I am also suffering it my some of the money got reversed and my withdrawal cancelled . Many of my friends suffering the same problem and all are worried. I have heard that paypal has told this problem will be solved soon. We all are hoping that this issue gets solved and we continue to use paypal.

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