Computer and virus.

Now Internet is being a common option to know many unknown things and to communicate with our relatives who stay in distance through many social communication site. Multinational companies use the net for teleconferencing and to promote their products. Net banking, face book daily shopping's are very common use now a days through net. Students are using it in their studies . There are many other uses of Internet in our daily life. A common problem in using net is virus and mail ware. Hackers are throwing many virus in net daily ,due to which all small and big users are in a great stress regarding this. Even general users are also in thought due to this virus and malware.

How is it affected?

We are downloading many components daily through net. It may be any software or, educational matter or any form of interview, songs and movies. When it is done ,without our knowing many virus and mail ware is coming and also downloading in computer. If the computer once affected then it may not run further and from distance the unknown hackers may control your personal computer and will be able to know all subjects regarding your computer.

Thus the hackers are doing many illegal work and damaging your computer and even mobile also. The another name of this virus is Trojan.

TROJAN-what is it?

Experts are saying the term "TROJAN" came from the Greek work. In Greece history the name is related with the troy war. At that time a wooden horse was made and filling with soldiers ,it was send to the place of enemy. They thought that the opponent accepted the defeat and then enemies thought it might be a gift. They accepted the horse and took it in their area. Then the Greek armies came out from that horse and defeated them with a great horror. This horse was called TROJAN. 

The name of this virus may came from that horse name and tactics. This malware also acts like that, it enters in your computer silently and helps to transfer all data's to sender and damages the users computer.

We used anti-virus to protect our computer and the branded anti-virus companies are in great thought to resist it. It is quit impossible to know ,from where it is coming as the users are changing their domain name continuously. It is attacking not only big companies but affecting many social organisation, even they are using it to know many Government secrets.It is creating problem in banking service mainly in ATM and net banking. 

Not only computer, smart phone , digital television, printers, many electronics and electrical components are affected due to this virus.

Some tips to protect TROJAN.

  1. Use genuine operating system and it must be up to date.
  2. Use firewall and and genuine anti-virus software . Be sure that when you will download any or opening your mail ,it must be scanned automatically. It will block any unwanted virus or mail ware and will protect the compute.
  3. Be sure that your anti-virus protection is updated.
  4. Don't open any unknown email and don't download any unwanted software.
  5. Keep your personal computer with password protected and don't share it with any.
  6. Keep regular maintenance using defragnation and disc clean up tools.

So be alert regarding this TROJAN virus. It is a new threat to computer world.

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