Yes you heard it right guys. Recently I had been to a upmarket store with one of friends to buy some gift. The store is well known for selling niche products. Just in one corner my eyes got attracted towards a cell phone section which showcased never before seen cell phones. I said it right, you are not going to see this one in any mobile store or electronic stores nearby you. As the words “can I help you sir” fell on my ears, I just could not control my sub - gadget consciousness – mind from asking can I see one of them in my hands. And what comes into my hand is one of the most expensive phones in this world. And the price tag read ‘price at request’. When asked my ears were surprised to hear the polite words “ $ 7,337/- only”. My inner calculator instantly converted it into Rs.3,37,500/- apprx. Well yes I am talking about the Constellation Ayxta phone from Vertu. I had been hearing about this phone from my friends. But I had never seen one so closely. Very less people know that Vertu is a subsidiary of Nokia. The phone is just made of high quality steel and leather as mentioned. No precious metals or precious stones were embedded thereon. At one thought one shall think only a world’s most stupid person would buy such a phone. When asked what are the specialities of this one. And bang came the answer, it comes with Vertu Concierge service, as the sales woman directed me to a small button on the phone. I just went blank at that one and was thinking why would one pay so much for some service. I was made to sit for half an hour to understand what actually the service is all about. So here it goes as told to me. A button included in all Vertu handsets allows users to contact a 24-hour concierge service, which connects the user to a "lifestyle manager" who can book plane tickets, order gifts or sort out a plumber at short notice. Also when a customer arrives in a new country the handset, using the global positioning system, will automatically alter the clock to the local timezone and inform the user of the best new restaurants, plays, concerts and events happening in that city that week. The service is as told available in 70 cities across the world. This service is available free only for a year from date of purchase after that you are required to shell out some more dollars for it. Please don’t mistaken that one who has just won a lottery can enter the store and buy this one. You are required to produce PAN No. And fill a form for buying the phone. You think this is the end of the story then wait for my next article!

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