Whether it is office or home,everywhere we use computer.There we see many wires and since people don't like these,people have moved to use wireless technologies. Wi-Fi(Wireless Fidility) and Bluetooth are both wireless technologies and these both technologies can be used in our computer or in offices where we work. These both technologies are advanced technologies and also it is wireless.Lets see what are diferences in using wi-fi and Bluetooth.


          Wi-Fi is famous to build a LAN(Local Area Network) at home and in offices. At home,with the help of wi-fi,we don't find any trouble in building up network. If we want to share internet connection between two computers in office and we don't want to use cables to build the network, we should use wireless LAN. Due to this,there is reduction of cost in LAN installation.The range of Wi-fi is nearly 300 foot from wireless Networking Node. While,range of Bluetooth is 30 foot.


          Working Standards of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is different. Wi-Fi is based on 802.11n standard,while,Bluetooth device has bluetooth 2.0 standard.

Connection and Installation :-

          Bluetooth device do not need any installation and Configuration.Working of bluetooth is very simple and does not need to configured. You just need to enable the bluetooth on other device,when you are transferring data to other device. If you need to use bluetooth in your PC,then you need  bluetooth adapter. In Market,you get Bluetooth doogle set up with CD.By this CD,you can set-up and installed easily .You can enable bluetooth now on your computer. While,in Wi-Fi ,you need many configuration.To enable Wi-fi Network,you need router and modem to install on your computer.

          We use Wi-fi to set-up the wireless LAN. Large number of computers and laptops can be connected with each other with the help of Wi-Fi.But,in terms of Bluetooth,its not like LAN. Bluetooth works with PAN(Persoanl Area Network).

Data Rate :-

          The difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is Data Rate. The transfer of data or information done in how much speed is data rate. Bluetooth transfer rate is more than Wi-fi. With the help of Bluetooth, you can transfer the information at 800 Kbps. While, Wi-Fi due to sensitiveness,there is risk of deleting the data and its speed is also verey less. With the help of Wifi, if we would have connected internet,we find during downloading,the speed which we get in broadband connection is more than we get while connecting with Wi-Fi.

Applications of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth :-

          There is huge difference in the applications of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well. Bluetooth is used to transfer , data or file from one device to other device. If we are having facility of Bluetooth in our computer,we can access bluetooth enabled printer. While,by connecting Wi-Fi, not only we can transfer data but also can access software or other information from other computer. We can access Wireless internet using Wi-Fi in many computers This cannot be done with the help of Bluetooth. But,if we want to connect internet in bluetooth enabled computer,by using Bluetooth enabled cellphone,with the help of GPRS,we can access internet.

          In Comparison to Bluetooth,we can take help of Wi-fi for longer time. Now-a-days, most of Computers manufacturers,install bluetooth LAN card in computers. In Comparison to Wi-fi,bluetooth is new technology, but, cell phones and laptop manufacturer have now a days,installed Wifi in most of their products.






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