On the internet,nobody knows if the entity on other side is a dog,a person,or a bot

Cindy for you:Hi there..


Cindy for you:I hope you don’t mind me messaging you like

Baddyforshoes:..And you are

Cindyforyou:My name is Cindy from,19 years old from California

Before you get too happy,know that the friendly 19 years old Californian,’Cindyforyoy’is actually a software robot,a chatbot

   Astounded?don’t be,as they are commonly called,have become a part of our lives in many wats we haven’t been realized….There are that actually help speed up your work and makes your life in internet as a much more pleasurable experience…


BOTS are software program that perform monotonous and mundane functions such as indexing information,advertising websites,besides any other repetitive task can be programmed to aid computer users


 All systems require some part of policing to make sure everything runs in order as desired.System administrators often make use of them to study the usage of computers within the LAN .Using such a bot,a system administrator can guard against misuse,if hardware resourses and accordingly plan network administration necessities such as firewell implementationeg.Spybot,STARR,DU meter etc…


  Search pots can be divided to many categories ;contextual search based on keywords,natural language based search that can be queried using questions frames in proper English.There are peer to peer file sharing bots like Wippet and eMULE and thost FTP bots that crowl over FTP-bases sites searching for downloadable files that match your criteria


   Site management bots help to upload newer files from your PC to your web server via  FTP  .Web poisoning agent makes sure your websites gets all prominent views in search engines and web directories by priming your web sites.


Web agents are those bots that help improve your browsing experience .These bots can be further divided into carious subheads

1.Accelerators:These bots dramatically speed up internet connections by optimizing OS for data transfer over modern connections

2. Downloaders: These bots are designed to speed up almost any downloadable process

3.]Filtering Bots:These bots enhance the browsing experience by blocking irrelevant contents

4.Form filling bots:This bot is used to store information and fill forms while registering in variable websites on a single click

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