E-mail has become very popular because of various reasons which are:


  • Free of cost: It is almost free of cost. The cost incurred is the cost of connecting to Internet.


  • Almost instant: The message is almost sent instantly. The only delay in this can be because of heavy traffic on the URL on which the data has to be sent.


  • Various possible ways of making it possible: E-mail address can be obtained at various domains. So it is possible to send the message to various addresses at the same time in a singal stroke.


  • Reduction of paper work: The letter is not required to be typed on the paper rather it can be sent in the soft copy reducing the paper work.


  • Increases efficiency: No time is wasted in typing, printing, going to market, to get ticket or to post the letter. Everything is istant, so it is very efficient.


  • Global accessibility: Another main feature of E-mail is that you can receive the mail at your house, office, cyber café or any other place around the world. Your mail box is global and you can access it from anywhere.


  • Easy to keep the records: When E-mail are done using special mail softwares like outlook express or Microsoft Outlook, the mails received and sent are stored in various folders, which can be deleted if not required. So it is very easy to maintain the records.


  • Facility to resend: if you send an E-mail and user says he has not got it, it is very easy to send him the mail again and it is very easy to send the same mail to somebody else as well.


  • Easy maintenance of address book of friends: Maintaining the records like address and phone numbers is quite easy through the address book.


  • Better than phone: It is good to communicate over phone, but it is not possible to send the documents through it. E-mail can also be used to send documents, pictures etc.


  • No transportation cost: Since E-mail can be sent from your desktop, you need not bear the cost of going to the post office to send the letter.

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