n Call centers are voice or web based

n Either in bound or out bound where in calls are received from and made to the customer respectively

n Specialized in business processing, here calls are made from company to company.

n Areas addressed by call centers are sales support, reservations, bank accounts and telemarketing .


Inbound call centers


n In bound call centers provide support function that include inquiries or help desks for various segments.

n Most of the call centers are offering customer relationship management services that include support for

§ voice call center,

§ e-mail response,

§ web-based text services and

§ Backroom processing.



Out bound call centers


Out bound call centers provide services for customer contact, to interact with international clients either on the help- desk make collection calls which include market surveys information and telemarketing.





n Data entry

n This requires updating, organizing data base on various details of customers and clients.

n Transaction processing: Answering customers

n Queries, enquiries and responding to the complaints over the E-Mail.




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