Types of Internet Protocols:

The Most commonly used internet protocols are as follows:
 * Transmission control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
                  * File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
                  * Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
                  * Telnet.
 * Gopher.
 * Wide area information service.

TCP is actually a collection of protocols, or rules, that govern the way data travels from one machine to another across networks. The internet is based on TCP and IP.
The TCP component breaks data up into packets that the network can handle eficiently, verifies whether all the packets have arrived at their destination and "reassembles" the data.

FTP is the protocol, which enables files to be transferred between computers. FTP is a powerful to, which allow files to be transferred from one computer to another.

HTTP is a set of rules, that governs the transfer of hypertext between two or more computers. The world wide web encompasses the universe of information that is available via HTTP.
It is based on client/Server principle.

Telnet is a protocol that enables one ocmputer to connect to another computer. This process is also referred to as remote login. Once connected, the user's computer emulates the remote computer. 
It also operates in client/ Server principle.

Gopher is a protocol designed to search, retrieve, and display documents from remote sites on the Internet. In addition to document display, document retrieval, it is possible to initiate on-line connections with other systems via Gopher.
Information accessible via Gopher is stored on many computers all over the Internet.

WAIS is based on Z39.50 standard.  It has the capability of simultaneously searching in more than one database. After the search phrase has been typed into the client interface, the user can then choose which databases shoud be used to compete the search.

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