Education in in India is climbing up as the technology is improving. Many students are passing their Intermediate are thinking towards Engineering as the only good option for the future. Students are not caring to know the future comfort according to their will , but by just seeking the most popular field as their future earning system.   After completion of Intermediate students have towrite EAMCET exam to bequalified for Engibeering. According to the Rank in EAMCET, the collages are decided in councelling. The lower the rank the good oppurtunity of getting admission in good collage. As speaking about Engineering, it is good option to go for , but as I said it is not only the option. There are many options like MBA & B.COM , students thinking of more profit ways to earn in the future is only the Engineering , so it is not the correct thinking. As this is future decision , so it should be taken with taking parents and expereinced peoples who already has experience in it. The Enginnering field is good and student can join the field if he/she is willing to study with own choice and to be able to work hard. It is not like easy as it hear's , there is more ans more hard work and punctuality in doing Engineering. Student passing Intermediate with good marks in Mathematics can go with Egineering field as it its to be dealt alot with Mathematics.  As for not having basics of Mathematics students thinks of taking Engineering  as the only field , but there are few good altenatives if anyone who is willing to try. Engineering students has to have patience and hard work as it takes 4 years to complete the study. As after joining the Engineering the students are now inthe first year , so they have to work more harder , because this is the most and important year of study which will decide the eagerness and confidence of you in the study. But commonly it happens that student most often fails in the first year, because they are not familiar with the studies and do not know how imortant this first year is , but attheend of the year after the results they come to know the imortance of first  year. The students passed will now have more confidence in them and students fails have their confidence put down . So it sigood for future purpose for a decent amount of earnings as a job. Studets can join and take their own groups for study. Students can select BE or B.TECH.Be is Bacehlor of Engineering and B.TECH is Bachelor of Technology. BE is related to Osmania University (OU) and B.TECH is related to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU). Students have to choose either of one . For more details on BE please visit the OU website For more details on B.TECH please visit the JNTU website   There many different kinds of Groups that a student can take as an carrier option, they include: 1. Mechanical : It is the most accepted all around and has available jobs all around.  But it requires more hard work then all the gropus. 2. ECE : This is called Electronics and Communication Engineering, as the name itself derives the whole story. This is because now-a-days communication is most important tool for Interactin. 3. CSE : This is called Computer Sceince Engineering, as the this is the age Advance Computer Tecnhnology , so it study also keeps importance in this wold. 4. EEE : Electronic and Electrical Engineering, this option includes combination of Electronics andElectrical study. 5. IT : InformationTechnology, as the technology is important it's study also keeps importance inthis wolrd. 6. Civil Engineering : This is the option for those who wants contructionas their future carrier and earnings.   By the right decision and proper thinking one can go with one of these option. Make a discussion and think about the future comfort and go ahead and take appropriate group as your carrier.   Best regards nizam    

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