Space based solar power

    A Solar power satellite or SPS or Powersat,would be a satellite built in high earth orbit that uses microwave power transmission to beam solar power to a very high antennae on earth.Advantages of placing solar collectors in space include the unobstructed view of the sun,unaffected by day/night cycle,weather or seasons..It is renewable energy resourse,zero emission therefore making ii ecofriendly way of generating power after putting the solar cells in orbit,and only generates waste as aproduct and maintenance.hower the cost of construction are very high. In common with solar types of renewable energy such as system could have advantages to the world in terems of energy security via reduction in levels in conflict,military spending,loss of life and avoiding future future conflict over dwindling energy resources..And this noble effort involves 1.large scale in orbit construction and opereations 2.Wireless transmission of power

        The basic idea is to place a very large solar arrays into continuously and intensely sunlit earth orbit,collects gigawatts of electrical energyand electromagnetically beam it to earth and recieve it on the surfaces for use either as baseload power via direct connection to the existing electrical grid,convertion into manufactured synthetic hydrocarbon fuels directly to cansumers

       A single kilometre wide band of geosynchronus earth orbit experiences enough solar flux in one year to nearly equal the amount of energy contained within all known recoverable conventional oil reserves on earth today...This amount of energy indicates that there is enormous potential for energy security,improved environmental stewardship,advancement of general space faring,and overall national securiy for those nations who construct and possess a SBSP capability 

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