Once the multimedia project is assembled using different multimedia element, then it is time to present before the audience. If the project is designed for a single viewer, the desktop computer is sufficient. But when we have to show too many people or a group, then we have to use other presentation devices such as multimedia computers, T.V. screens, projectors, cordless mouse and kiosks.

Multimedia Computer : The multimedia computer is desktop computer having various components such as microphone, speakers, audio and video cards etc. Audio card and Video card are hardware parts like cards, which must be added to the motherboard of the computer to read and write audio-video signals. If the multimedia project is designed for a single viewer, then the desktop multimedia computer can be used. If we have to show the project to more people, then we can connect the computer to a projector to obtain larger images on the wall or screen. We can also use an LCD panel to get larger images.

Television Screen : To show multimedia project to a group of people, then larger television screen are the best useful devices. Because it is very expensive to produce large computer screens, large TV screens are commonly used. But we have to use scan converter an adapter card which converts digital signals to analog ones, because TV is an analog device and computer is digital. The TV screens are not good for displaying text matter but it is good for color and motion.

Slide Projectors : When we have to show multimedia presentation to a very large audience, then we can use slide projectors, for example, Ektapro by Kodak. This Ektapro slide projector can be controlled by a computer. We can create slides on computer and can display them on projector screen. we can connect such 16 projectors using computer's serial port.

Cordless Mouse : This mouse is similar to the computer mouse but slightly different inshape. It has a gyroscope to move the mouse pointer about the screen and can held in hand like a small torch. It has very fine hand movements. This is very useful when you walk around the room during presentation.

Kiosks : Kiosks are the stand-alone terminals with computer screen and can be installed in any corner to provide information to the visitors. These kiosks can be installed in museums, hotels, supermarkets, train stations, grocery stores etc. These kiosks can work round the clock, even in the middle of night. Some kiosks are also provided with printers so that uses can have the printed copy of the information.

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