Before stating you about OOPS concepts, Let me explain you why oops? I wil give out a example for this. why a teacher divides a group a maths students and other to be science, Simply your mind wil give out an answer that it wil be easy for a teacher to teach the subjected related to them.A class of student and a class in OOPS means the same.Grouping a related things and put it under a single entity is class

The main concepts of OOPS are




Data abstraction and encapsulation

Object:They are the basic run time entity.Object=data+function related to data(for example if student is a object,then data is ging to be his name no marks etc and function is ging to be total of his marks average display etc.

Polymorphism:This is actually derived from a greek language means a single person playing many role.OOPs polymorphism also mean the same.An single operation may exhibit different behaviours in different instance.

Inheritance:Read this phase,"My eyes are very similar to my mom"-->this is inheritance i.e an object inheritaning some data or function of its parent class is called as inheritance.

Data abstraction and encapsulation: Both abstraction and encapsulation means hidding up of data from others,But the need of hidding differs here.For example If you are ging to send a mail to your friend,The datas are divided into packets and follows a UDP protocal.If the system explain or shows the flow of data to the end user then end user feels that working with a system is hidding a data form the end user to make them to under the system easly is called as abstraction ie saying the data at abstract level,if the user is willing to see the data they are allowed in abstraction,whereas in encapsulation we are hidding the data for security.That is i dnt want to share my my data so i am hidding it.






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