How to get Benefit from Internet

1. You can book your Rail Ticket online without going to railway station.

2. You can book Airline Ticket.

3. By using internet you can easily get information of Hotels, Travelling, Person and other.

4. You can earn money by joining some site if they are honest to pay.

5. You can get map of any location in country.

6. You can get information of cricket, hockey , football and other games.

7. You can get information of any type of result engineering, school and institute level.

8. You can know lot of information of medication and treatment.

9. You can download lot of software free.

10. You can download lot of image and video and blogs etc

11. Able to see film online.

12. You can download any type of music and songs .

13. You can get tutorial of different topics and subjects.

14. You can any type of historical and non historical data.

15. You can data for your research.

16. You can get information about any type of temples and places.

17. You can find you life partner .

18. You can chat, email and contact person anywhere in the world.

19. You can send free sms anywhere free.

20. You can participate on context.

21. You can play games online.

22. You can upload any type of data.

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