It may sound contradictory

Please do not get confused if I say do what you do not like to do. I am sure you must be thinking I have lost my balance or how a person can do what he doesn’t want to do. In fact, what I wanted to say is that when we fail in our attempts of doing something big we simply wish to give up the job and withdraw ourselves from that particular job. Here lies the catch a person with strong willpower and determination would want to try again. The sooner you will come back to the job the chances of success will increase. Still do not want to trust me okay here I have certain examples to prove my point.   

Point 1- Viktor Emil Frankl spent more than three years in a concentration camp. He was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist as well as a Holocaust survivor. his best-selling book the ‘Man's Search for Meaning’ which was published under the title- From Death-Camp to Existentialism is considered one of the best sellers in the world.

Point2- Steven Spielberg who is an American director, producer and screenwriter failed thrice for getting admission in University of Southern California and when he got admission somewhere else he left the school to learn the art of direction. Do I need to tell about Steven Spielberg?  

Point3- Joanne "Jo" Rowling, a single mother and a teacher in a school who started writing with pen name of J. K. Rowling and Robert Galbraith, is a British novelist who does not need an introduction as the author of the Harry Potter series which made herUnited States, . 

Point 4- Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, lost job, Failed in business, had nervous breakdown, was defeated for state legislature, defeated for post of speaker, rejected for post of land officer, defeated for U.S. Senate on more than one occasions and was defeated for nomination for Vice President. But he never gave up. 

Point 5- Bill gates started his first company Traf-O-Data in partnership with Paul Allen, and Paul Gilbert. Bill wanted to read the data from roadway traffic counters and wanted to generate reports for the engineers working for traffic. The company did not succeed so Bill Gates came out with Microsoft later and succeeded like anything.

The important point

What I wanted to highlight was that everyone worth his name succeeded only after failing multiple times and had they given up because they failed they would not find their name in the list above. The people who succeeded in the end never gave up because they did not succeed in the beginning became far more strong and wiser due to their failures and came out winner in the end. All of them took themselves a step higher, believe on their own capabilities. To be frank the successful people connect themselves with fear factor and win it over with strong willpower. 

As I said in the beginning do what you do not want to do with renewed courage. Let me put it in simpler language come out of your bed when you least want to come out of your bed. If you do not want to attend a function I would suggest you to go attend it against your will. Do something which is last in your priority list that will leave the work which you probably will not hesitate doing. When you succeed completing something you did not want to do perhaps become the turning point and the rest of the job is completed easily. 

Surrender yourself

I think I wanted to find a better word but failed to find one so will go on with the word ‘surrender’. I only meant to tell you to not to go in deeper investigation but find a just solution for the problem you’re facing. Once you will forget about the fear of going into the wrong direction then you will see you are in the right direction.  Surrender yourself to the situation that will find the right way for you but there is a condition, do not stop your efforts. The dreams come true only when you take risks. Accept the things as they are which pull you back and you will see that you are being accepted as you are accepting them.

There is yet another fact which may sound strange but that will help you gain success which is the mantra of every successful person who reached anywhere in his life and that was, never feel afraid of taking the risk. One should not feel afraid of being called a fool in case of failure rather than not utilizing your capability. The secret lies in getting stuck in your comfort zone rather than taking the next step which may not make you a success for sure. But that’s how one becomes a winner.

Face the music

In fact I have done it many times although I am nothing when I compare with successful people. Never feel as if you have lost the battle before you actually started it. Never let the fears take over you but remain mentally prepared for losing the game you have already started. Never give up halfway through the job but keep trying without having any hesitation and keep faith you will be the ultimate winner. You will find yourself a different person once you overcome the fears within you. It’s like learning a foreign language which you find tough unless you have completed the first lesson once you reach to chapter Two; you begin to overcome the initial hurdles. 

You know people who set impossible targets for themselves and when they succeed people respect them but no one cares if they fail in their mission as the target they had set was almost non achievable. So what is the harm if you chose to set difficult targets? The success will bring you newer heights and in case of failure you have nothing to lose. Try a new lifestyle and get rid of all the useless relations because they will give you nothing but chances are they will stop you from achieving your targets. Forget all about people who do not trust in taking risk. Find people who belong to winners’ category just like you, they will help your cause. People, who live to fulfill their dreams are rare but they help you reach your destination, find them.  

The exclusive ways

I think the worst one can do is find excuses. I would not touch a person with a ten feet pole who is not interested in taking risks but looking for sure shot ways for success. Trust me there is no sure shot way for success, not for winners at least, one has to find his own ways to reach to the unknown destinations as the ways which are common are already occupied by commoners.  You have done it in the past and you are going to do it again. Keep walking on newer ways and take others along if possible.   

Do not indulge in unnecessary expenditure

This is something which is perhaps hardest of all. But the truth is always stranger than fiction; one cannot own everything that he wishes to. I always wanted to own all the gadgets which I saw but I never used my credit card because every unnecessary purchase takes you nearer to an unknown fear of failure. I think it’s better to focus on your target having a faith in mind that success is not far from you. Keep your fear near you because this fear will lead you to success.      

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