Our bodies are controlled by the nerves from the brain. The nerves from the brain cross over at the level of the neck and go to the opposite side of the body. The right half the brain serves the left half of the body, and voice versa.

In the case of most people, the left half of the brain predominates and so the right of the body is more skilled, better able to do things. We read, write, speak and work the left half the brain. And this, of course, makes most of us right-handed too. But in the case of left-handed people, there is an inversion. The right half of the brain predominant in their case, and such a person works best with the left side of the brain.

Many parents of left-handed children worry about this condition and wonder if they should try to correct it. The answer given by most authorities is; no! If there is a strong preference for the left hand, and the person is able to perform well with it, there should be no interference.

What makes you yawn?

You must have noticed that you sometimes yawn when you are tired. This means your body –cells need renewal, and your blood needs help in its continual task of reaching and restoring the farthest parts of you body. It indicates oxygen –hunger. Going to sleep not only rests the body, but sets up deep rhythmic breathi9ng which satisfies this hunger.

Why should you yawn when you are bored? You are probably not breathing deeply and feeding your lungs as you should. Of course, the ideal cure is to escape from what is boring you. If that is not possible, try breathing deeply. This will not get rid the boredom, but it will tend to stop the yawning.

What are your views on going success in life?

What is success?

a- I think it is money. Money makes the world go around.

b- I prefer good looks. If you are good looking people are attracted to you.

c- In my views it’s intelligence. If you have brains you can succeed in any situation.

Writing a diary

When you keep a diary, you should

• begin each entry with a date

• describe events that are important

• Write as if you are talking to someone.

• Use first person pronouns such as I, me

• Use simple past tense for events which took place in the past and simple present tense to describe present feelings

• Use words that show how you feel about the things you write about





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