Black holes

By quantum mechanical treatment one can show that even in vacuum their some energy exists. Actually a pair of virtual form and annihilate each other. but in the event horizon, there is a possibility that one particle will fall & lost in black hole. so even black holes even have some radiation at least which seems to be out from black hole. Now this emission carries energy. So the energy of black hole decreases. So its mass decreases and its temperature increases and so its rate of emission increases. So it loses its mass by exponential way, and most possible result is that it just disappeared.

But then what will happen with the information that was stored in it? There is no way that the information comes out. so the information lost. So the scientific determination lost.

So our symmetric predictable world which governs by some basic laws destroyed. the whole future seems to be unpredictable. Anything can happen. We can't predict even with help of Schrodinger's equation. So what will difference between the bloody damn astrology and well defined & one of the greatest theories of millennium the general theory of relativity? that is the million dollar question of today.

Calculation of intrinsic entropy of a Black Hole would require us to count the number of microstates within a BH (so as to find entropy as ~log (num of states)). This should then correspond to the thermodynamic entropy of hawking radiation which annihilates the BH (or equivalently, the entropy that went into initial creation of BH).

Classically i.e. without using quantum theories), the number of states have been just three - mass, charge and angular momentum, and hence the intrinsic entropy did not scale with the radiation/creation entropy. This is the source of the information paradox.

Within string theory, which is a quantum theory, for special cases of black holes which are not the physical ones that we see, but more of theoretical constructs like super symmetric, extremely black holes, the microstates have been counted and shown to correspond to the radiation entropy. These are seen as one of the strong confirmations of string theory.

Heat travels, off-course much slower than C.

so the thing which travel much less then C, how it can escape Event horizon which light itself cannot escape?

It cannot escape then how it can interact with matter outside event-horizon?

If it cannot interact then how external observer will come to know about it?

Based on mass, electric charge, and angular momentum, we have all four possible solution of black hole for Einstein filed equations.



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