Does really time travel exists?

Is it true we can reverse the time? I have heard about different theories on time travel- parallel universe, the theory that revolves around speed, etc.

It is actually possible due to the introduction of Worm Holes (not black holes) in the history of physics. At present it is not possible because the technology is not present as it is required that to travel time and to open a worm hole, an object should move more than the speed of light!

If it is exist God will not let the human explore such thing because it can fail the system rapidly. We know such thing can make big conflicts among our believes and religious prospective so it’s easy to say that such thing exist but hard to gain.

ou can find plenty of it in fiction but in reality, time travel is only a theoretical idea at present.

wormholes are not the only modes of time travel. There are various other modes too, like ripping the space-time fabric, FTL, etc.

and travelling through a wormhole has its own constraints:

1)no white hole has been observed in the first place!(a white hole and a black hole connected by an Einstein Rosen bridge forms a wormhole)

2)even if such a wormhole exists, the neck is highly unstable. Even before you reach it, it will close. Obviously, that is assuming that you will be safe and kicking after experiencing the tidal forces in a black hole.

Time travel exists now itself. But not for us have heard that some of the radioactive nuclei when accelerated shown observable drift in their half lives due to this interesting effects.

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