The beauty of our lives depends on the knowledge which we acquire. Education, provides us with knowledge. Going to school on time is a good habit. At prayer time, in school, devotional songs have to sung with purity of heart. When singing the national anthem the entire country, its unity and its prosperity should be in one’s mind. After prayer all should go in a line to their respective classes in an orderly way without making noise. When the teacher conducts classes students should sit erect and be attentive. When questions are put, the student should stand up and answer clearly and audibly so that all the students of the class may hear. In the class room, talking to others, or doing mischief is very bad. When the lessons are taught students should listen carefully and attentively. Do not spill ink by shaking the pens anywhere and everywhere in the school. Similarly pieces of paper, chocolate wraps or groundnut shells should not be thrown about in the classrooms. They should be put into a waste paper baskets kept for the purpose. Eatables sold on the roadside should not be purchased and eaten. One can carry light refreshment in a Tiffin carrier for the mid-day meal and this should be eaten at a clean place. Afterwards wash your hands and mouth clean, wash as well as the carrier. When the bell is rung it is not proper to rush out of the class room in a disorderly way. While leaving the classroom care should be taken not to leave behind books, pens, etc. If we come across any book or thing left behind by someone somewhere on the premises of the school, we should immediately hand it over to the teacher. By that act, your honesty will be revealed and you will be appreciated. Writing on the walls or carving on the tables and benches is a very bad habit. Teachers should be looked upon as Gods. The utmost respect should be shown to them. One should always be frank and open with them and become intimate with them. They love students dearly. They are like both parents and friends. Hence one need not hesitate to approach them for any help or guidance. Sometimes the teacher scolds students in order to correct. This should be taken in the right spirit. One should not neglect their advice. Only by developing love and respect for teachers can one progress well in studies and in the sphere of personal growth and development. Study is the essential part of education. If you listen attentively to the lessons done in the class it will help you to concentrate on the subject. It will be easy to follow the teacher in any lesson if we read that lesson once at home beforehand and make some preparation. If you read your lessons everyday, it becomes easy to prepare for the examination. Last minute preparation is always a strain and may not bring success.

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