God is great. This is earth god gift.

Gad given you many precious gifts. Don’t misuse them. Don’t waste them.

You enjoy sucking ripe, Juicy mangoes. Don’t you? You eat sweet bananas and tasty apples. You eat vegetables. You get all these things from plants. Our food is from plants. We depend on plants and trees.

Food gives energy to us.

Energy is for do to work.


So, don’t uproot and destroy useful plants. Don’t throw stones at tree bearing fruits. Don’t pluck young and raw fruits for fun. Thus, you destroy future tasty fruits.

Rain rains

Water flows from the river.

Water, too, is a very useful thing. You need it very day. You just can’t do without it. Like you. Others, too, need it. So use water with care. Don’t waste it. Turn off the tap when you don’t need water. During summer, at some places wells and ponds dry up. There is scarcity of even drinking water. In cities, water is supplied for only a limited period. So, save every drop of water.

Like water, you need food every day. Like you others, too, need it. So, don’t waste food. While taking food, think of those who have is very little to eat. Take only just enough food you need. Don’t leave food in your plate. Save every grain of food, very poor also there.

Electricity is very useful. It serves you in many ways. It lights your house. It runs the fans and TV sets. Fridge and geyser work on electricity. So, don’t waste electricity. Don’t forget to switch off the current when you don’t need it.

Petrol and gas is also more useful minerals. Don’t waste and save.

Save and protect resource it will useful in the future people.

Use God gifts properly. This will make everyone happy.

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